Eat the rainbow

Chicken and rice is not the way

You already know that if you want to eat healthy, you should eat a varied diet, in moderation, aiming for good nutritious content and so on, but this is a black and white statement, how do I decide what kind of food should I choose?

An easy rule to follow is to make your plate more colorful, additionally choose what is less packaged, closer to how you would find it in nature, the better for your body.

There is no problem with chicken and rice, but it mustn't be the only thing you consume, add peas, chickpeas, any vegetable you may find eatable , red fruits, onions; add lemon to your water. Still, don't go overboard, don't eat 1 kg of cauliflower or 3 kilos of banana or a dozen corns, remember, moderation is also a key factor: for bigger produces stick to one per day, for small ones (berry-size) a handful OR around 100-200 grams.

Meats and nuts are missing from the picture, it doesn't mean you can't eat them, you can eat ice cream too, just remember: moderation. (Nuts are calorie dense!)

If it's hard for you to moderately eat some type of food, because you get addicted to it, then the best you can do is to not have it at home, the next best thing is to not have it in sight, put it in a closed cabinet, if you are short use that as an advantage, put it on the highest shelf, so you can't just grab it; buy the smallest package or buy sealable bags and split it into smaller portions, like what the manufacturer suggests, ~30g, setup the rule for yourself: you can break one seal a day, or on every other day, twice a week, once a week; you can gradually pull it out of your life.

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