Road to 100 - Week 1 - July 2-9

Diet and workout, let's see how I did

I have set my health and fitness goals with the start of July, now 1 full week passed, let's see how I did. Here you can revisit: my goals till the end of 2023. Road to 100 refers to my goal of reaching 100kg-s, by previous experience that would be a comfortable weight, with a lean body, probably won't be achieved this year, but I can get close to the weight and will continue with the muscle building next year.


On the consumption tracking side I have failed miserably, but when I did manage to do with Yazio, then it looked like on the left.

Even without Yazio I kept myself to the shake, snack and two meals.

Except for Friday... can't turn down free, fancy birthday cakes - not mine, regular company birthday party event to celebrate a dozen colleagues' greatest day. 🎂 🍰 🎉

To compensate for the extra calories, I have split my lunch to have the second half as my dinner, and replaced the snack with a protein shake with 90% protein and zero calorie flavdrops (from Myprotein).

I weighed myself daily, seeing 30-40dkg to vanish daily, as expected. This is normal for a few days due to the body getting rid of some water weight too.


I'm using the Noex application, which stands for No excuses.

I get to know this via Dr. Péter Borszéki, whom I know via his Hungarian youtube channel.

The app has a lot of workout plans which are for multiple weeks, allows for tracking cardio and weight as well.

My goal was 4 workouts, but with a late Sunday one it went to 5.

I'm doing the second phase of the Foundation workout, which mostly works out the full body in each session.

I got the early bird badge, for training before 6am and the night crawler as well for training after 7pm. 🙂


I have reviewed 4 sessions of brand building and I usually watch Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels about famous bodybuilders and their teachings, but on Sunday I gave Tom Platz the time he deserves and checked two of his longer videos, as I'm quite obsessed nowadays with growing legs, for which he is the etalon.
    • "give me 5 more" - when the guy is already exhausted :-)
    • "congratulations you achieved failure" - even elite bodybuilder as "afraid" of failing an exercise, but Tom thinks that's the only way for growth and we shouldn't care about dropping the weight, it's supposed to be dropped... - I haven't done that myself either, future goal!
    • "5%" - when you think you gave everything even by Tom's standard, 20 reps, you still have 5% left, what you need to burn through by the worst looking cheats I have ever seen
    • Keep in mind that the guy is an elite bodybuilder, if you do bodybuilding as a hobby, you probably shouldn't follow these practices, but it's good to see and understand how heavy/hard workout looks like and maybe adjust yourself and go harder next time.
    • A lot of information about himself, his past, experience, relation with the other bodybuilders, his achievements.
    • I can't imagine him in a suite working as a recruiter, with that size he built. 🙂
    • He is talking about Hungary quite a lot, in positive ways.
Well, that's it for the summary. I hope I could provide you with some helpful comments. As you know I did a longer weight loss before, so I'm not hard on myself for the tracking failures, because I do have a sense of how much calorie I consume, as I did strict tracking for a year and additional months later as well. I'm not creating fancy food, I like to keep it simple, so I do know nowadays most of the calorie and even macronutrients of the food I eat. If you are doing this the first time, then try to force yourself on tracking, it's easy to fail.

As always, if you need help to talk with somebody about your diet or workout, drop me a message on LinkedIn or Book a free appointment.
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