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My journey from 156kg to 90 and back 🤦

I have started my weight loss journey with the beginning of 2020, but only started tracking after I got some devices for my birthday (Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Xiaomi Scale; not a requirement, but it allows easier digital tracking), so starting in the second half of March; the actual starting weight was 156kg, which I was already maintaining for years with no effort, eating around 3500-4000kcal per day.

The diagrams are showing monthly averages, not the lowest values in the month, I tried to keep this in mind and have myself on the scale on the first and last day of the month at least, but sometimes failed to do that, so that's one reason if there are bigger and smaller drops between months and not showing an expected close to linear decrease. As well why the 90kg I did reach doesn't show up, well it didn't last more than a few days, I didn't feel myself comfortable under 100kg due to the loose skin thing, I will leave that topic for another day.

Christmas is quite the issue for me, visiting family, they are cooking a lot of tasty stuff, while also there is "nothing" to do all day, I didn't have the willpower to push through that 2-3 weeks, usually failed after 5-7 days and started eating the "good" stuff... then in January jumped on the scale and felt very disappointed about myself, which pushed me further down, then as you can see, in my case, it needed quite a few months to get it together, typically when a round number was reached: 110kg in 2021 and 120kg in 2022.
Sadly in December 2022 the column is missing because I already lost my drive and couldn't even face it and I didn't even bother to face it till last month... which looks real bad, therefore remains a secret. 🙂

Now it's time to get back on track, I need to replicate the progress of 2020, without lockdown and the rest.

Let me know, if you want to join me in the next journey, starting 1 July!

I would gladly help with your diet and workout, I do have the knowledge and experience; in return I may need you to help me figure out how to get through the Christmas holidays without ruining all the hard work, again. 😀

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