Basics for weight loss - BMR

Calorie requirement calculation base

An interesting thing about losing weight is that you need to do less to lose more.

You must have heard about calories in (what you consume) and calories out (what you use). 70% of calories out is covered by the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the basic need for your body to keep everything going, you need this even if you don't get out of bed. There are a lot of formulas to calculate this, I have attached an example. All of them have 3 things in common, they depend on your weight, height and age. Weight and height adds to the final value, therefore the bigger you are the more energy you need to function.

Now when you need to lose 20-40-60kg-s, you are in advantage, you are big, moving a big body needs a lot more energy. When I was doing my 10-12 month weight loss I have calculated my calorie need, subtract 500 kcal for losing weight and did daily exercise.
How did it look like?
Near the starting weight I was able to lose 1.75kg/week, at the end it was around 0.8kg/week. I was doing the same exercise and diet routine with calories adjusted. So if you would like to aim for a 0.5-0.75kg/week loss, at start you might only need to walk more, at the end you might need to run for the same amount of time. Note: running is not a good idea with high body weight, it's bad for the joints, I got into weight lifting instead.

Consistency is the key, if you can change your daily routine to include movement and track your calorie intake, that's all you need to start your journey.

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